Be true to yourself and your brand will tell the rest of the story.

My name is Dwayne Holland and I'm passionate about empowering you to succeed.

Three generations of entrepreneurial heritage has given me valuable insight into what it takes to win in the marketplace. From agriculture to retail, my roots have influenced my own story and I've learned that your brand starts at the core of who you are. It's what your customers experience first and what they remember last.

For over 22 years my straightforward and values-based approach has helped my clients be true to what their brand offers and, in the process, build lasting connections with their customers as they share their story. 


I can help you discover the core of your brand, bring clarity to your message – and give you the confidence to tell the world. 

Dwayne's process literally changed my world – both personally and professionally. I now have total clarity on what I want to offer, I feel connected to my core and my passion, clear on my message, and I am bursting to share it with the world.